Some Thoughts from the Old Man

                Consider the following:DSCN0152

                I enjoy writing.  I like to write about events in a creative storylike style.  It’s fun, and it keeps the mind sharp.  I also like to share information and ideas with others.  If I come across something new or exciting, I want to share it.  If there is an issue or a concept that I feel strongly about, I want to present it to others, to make them aware of it, and hopefully get them involved in it.

                Second point – I’m retired.  After more than thirty years of teaching elementary school students, I put away my lesson plan book and stayed home.

                So, with my enjoyment of writing and all of that “free” time to do it, you would think that I would be posting new material on this blog on a regular basis.  It’s interesting how some things actually turn out.

                When I retired five years ago, my colleagues asked me “What are you going to do with all of your free time?  Don’t you think you are going to be bored?”

                My answer, in a word, has been “NO!!!”  In fact, some days I wonder how I got everything done while I was still working.  There are days that aren’t long enough to get everything on the to-do list done.  I have finished a lot of the around-the-house projects that were put off until I had the time to get to them, but the list never really seems to get shorter.

                My wife and I have also done some traveling in the past few years that we could only dream about while we were still teaching.  An Alaskan land-and-sea cruise and a tour of Ireland were unbelievable events, one in a lifetime events even.  We also got to see the Autumn colors of New England last year – you can’t do that when you are running a classroom that time of year.

                When you retire, if you are a member of any organizations, you oftentimes find yourself with more responsibilities in those organizations.  After all, you now have all that time to handle those increased responsibilities.  And of course, you will probably find more organizations or groups or causes to get involved in that you just didn’t have time for before.

                Then there is the fly fishing and fly tying.  I’ve had some great days on the water, and keep looking for ways to spend more time there.  My fly tying-in-retirement gig seems to keep growing and growing.  There have been more than a few late night sessions at the vice trying to finish up some orders.

                Anyway, I’m working at organizing my time and my ideas so that I can increase the amount of work that I want to don on my websites, including this blog.  So keep your eye on this space.  It should be updated, along with the rest of the website, on a more regular basis.  If you are interested in seeing more of my flies, please also look at my Etsy shop.  You can find it at  That site provides me with a few different options that I can use to market my flies, as well as some different options for you if you want to do some shopping.

                If you ever have any questions for me, or ideas that I can use, just drop me a note at  Meanwhile, get out and visit your favorite fishing spots, and keep your fly lines tight.