Featured Fly

The Ghost Zebra

Last summer, while we were visiting family in Colorado,  my two young grandsons became interested in my fly boxes and wanted to know about the different flies that they contained.  When they found out that each pattern had its own name, they began asking “What is this one called?” as they pointed to different rows of flies.  One of them pointed to a row of tiny  flies with black, red or olive bodies and silver bead heads and asked what they were.  When I told them that they were called Zebra Midges, a got a puzzled look.  “Zebras are black and white.  Why aren’t they black and white?”  Good question.  When I got back home after the trip, I started thinking about it.  Could I come with a black and white Zebra Midge?  I started with a white body with black ribbing and bead, but it just didn’t do anything for me.  Then I tried a fluorescent white tungsten bead, and thIngs started to come together.  When I added the pearl wings, I liked what was in the vise.  The next time I got on the water, I gave it a try.  The trout liked it, too.  Thus was born the Ghost Zebra Midge.IMG_1489

Check it out in detail at CJ’s Fly Box on Etsy.

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