Panfish Flies

Panfish may not seem as “classy” as Trout, and they may not have the fighting ability of Bass, but boy, are they fun on a light fly rod.

I will use some of my Trout flies when I fish for Panfish, because they eat the same bugs as Trout.  But I prefer to use flies specially designed for Panfish.  Color, noise and action play an important part in these flies,  just like they do in Bass Flies.  They just do it in  a smaller size.

Below are some of my favorite Panfish fly patterns, as well as new patterns as they are added to the shop.  If you are interested in ordering any of them just click here.


The Wizz Kidd            Sold in packages of 3.

Colors:  Yellow, Olive, Black, Orange, White, Blue, Red or Natural


The Briminator          Sold in packages of 3.

Sizes:  8, 10 and 12


The Gill Bug                    Sold in packages of 3.

Sizes:  6, 8 and 10

Colors:  Chartreuse/Black or Yellow/Black