Select Sets of Flies

Over time, I have come up with my favorite flies.  These are the ones that I always have in my personal fly boxes.

As I organize my fly boxes each year, I make sure that I have a combination of flies for the different species of bugs so that I can “match the hatch.”  That means having flies that represent the different life cycle forms of the insect, and having them in a range of sizes.

To make life easier for my customers, I have put together sets of my favorite flies.  These sets include at least  three different patterns as well as a variety of sizes for each.  Because these are a pre-determined set, I do offer these at a discounted price compared to the 3-packs of individual flies.

Below are some of the Select Sets that I offer, as well as new sets as they are added to the shop.  If you are interested in ordering any of them, just click here.

New Item!!!

Super Caddis Box

18 flies:IMG_1260

Iron Maiden Caddis Larva, sizes 14 – 18

Caddistrophic Pupa, sizes 14 – 18

EZ2C Caddis dry fly, sizes 12 – 16


Adams Selection         IMG_0038

18 Flies:

Parachute Adams, 2 each, sizes 12, 14, 16

Hot Spot PTN, 2 each, sizes 12, 14, 16

Soft Hackle Marvel, 2 each, sizes 12, 14, 16


Panfish Selection         IMG_0039

18 Flies:

Gill Getter,  3 each, sizes 8, 10

Briminator, 3 each, sizes 10, 12

Crappie Candy, 3 each, sizes 10, 12


Mini-Bugger Selection     img_5432b

12 Flies:

2 of each pattern/size, sizes 10 & 12

Chili Pepper, Chili Demon, Thin Mint


CJ’s Winter Fly Box

IMG_121632 assorted flies in sizes 18 to 22.

Midges and Baetis flies.


CJ’s Beginner’s Box

12 fly patterns

24 flies total