CJ’s Fly Box Top 20 for 2022  

For something that started out as a simple retirement gig, this has really turned into something.  The first few years, it was steady work with a few crazy times thrown in to keep things interesting.  Each year was a little better than the year before.

The last three years, though, have been something else.  Crazy has become almost normal.  The sale of fly fishing flies, like so many other things, has skyrocketed

As I have kept track of sales, it is interesting to see the flies that have been most popular in m shop.  Somethings I expected.  Other things surprised me.  Dry flies and nymphs were consistent as always, but overall Euro nymphs were the hot flies this year.  I guess that is understandable considering the growth in popularity that Euro nymphing has experienced in the last couple of years.

It was interesting to see which fly patterns in the shop were ordered most often.  So in keeping with the Top Twenty” lists that are published this time of the year, here are CJ’s Fly Box Top 20 Fly Patterns for 2022:

  1. The Only (nymph)
  2. Blowtorch (Euro nymph)
  3. Yellow Stimulator (dry fly)
  4. Copper Perdigon (Euro nymph)
  5. Little Black Caddis ( dry fly)
  6. Stubby Chubby (terrestrial)
  7. Rainbow Perdigon (Euro nymph)
  8. March Brown Soft Hackle (nymph)
  9. Foam Hopper (terrestrial)
  10. Pink Squirrel (nymph)
  11. Sparkle BWO Parachute (dry fly)
  12. Parachute Adams (dry fly)
  13. Green Perdigon ( Euro nymph)
  14. Orange Stimulator (dry fly)
  15. Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle (nymph)
  16. Thin Mint Bugger (streamer)
  17. Glitter Caddis Pupa (nymph)
  18. Gill Bug (panfish)
  19. Softshell Crayfish (streamer)
  20. ULTRAviolet Midge (midge) 


I have fished allof these patterns myself, and they all consistently catchfishfor me. Apparently,other fly fishers have found thesame thing is true for them. Enjoy your time on the water in 2023, and keep your line tight.

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