Bass Flies

Bass are a blast!!  Largemouth or Smallmouth, it makes no difference to me.  These fish can be amazingly aggressive in their strikes, literally exploding out of the water.  And once they are on the hook, they are real fighters.  I don’t care whether you fish surface flies like poppers or subsurface flies, it doesn’t matter.  If you put something in front of them that they want, you have a fight on your hands!

I consider three things when I’m picking a Bass fly.  The first is action.  It might be the legs, a tail, or just general body motion.  It could also be the movement of the  water as you pull  the bug through it or across it.  Color is a second consideration.  It might be the weather conditions that day, or the clarity and color of the water.  Sometimes I think it’s just the mood that the fish are in.  Color can make a difference.  The third thing I take into consideration, mainly  when fishing surface bugs, is noise.  Sound can be the trigger that draws that strike, whether it’s the “pop” of the bug being pulled across the pond surface, or the rattle of a subsurface pattern.

Below are some of my favorite Bass fly patterns, as well as new patterns as they are added to the shop.  If you are interested in ordering any of them, just click here.

Softshell Crayfish IMG_7385

Sizes 4, 6 or 8

Red Faced Wobbler    img_8910

Sizes 4, 6 or 8

Colors:  Olive, Chartreuse, Black or Crystal White

Bling LeechIMG_1375

Sizes 2 and 4